​FiberGutter®  is a division of Fiberglass Building Products Inc

Ultimate Performance

Our proprietary formula allows minimal thermal expansion and contraction.  The consistency of the product also allows the seaming to form on a molecular level.

  Fiberglass Building Products specializes in manufacturing and distribution of modern building products for residential, municipal and commercial projects.  Our focus is to provide materials that last longer, function better and contain an overall sustainability versus any other related products in the construction industry.

Our proprietors have not only been responsible for the original conception of hand laid fiberglass gutter but also manufacturing through pultrusion which has proven to have improved overall durability and stability of the product.
  Our combined experience within manufacturing, distribution and construction spans over a century.  It is our goal to provide the absolute best products available for the best price within a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of fiberglass gutter?

Fiberglass Gutter has significant benefits over other gutter materials.  

Aesthetics-Fiberglass Gutter has the appearance of traditional wood gutter

Capacity-Fiberglass is comparable to other materials in terms of capacity

Maintenance-Fiberglass Gutter requires almost zero maintenance except the annual cleaning

Strength-Fiberglass Gutter is by far the strongest gutter available

Longevity-Fiberglass Gutter carries a 50 Year Warranty 

What length is the gutter manufactured?

Our Fiberglass Gutter is manufactured in 27.5' & 40' lengths.  

Through our seaming process the gutter becomes seamless upon proper installation.

What color is the gutter?

The gutter is white and can be painted with any latex paint.

Most contractors will paint the gutter along with the trim.

How are the seams assembled?

We have created a system to simplify the entire installation.  

Please read our INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for more details.

How do I purchase your product?

Fiberglass Gutter is available at over 100 dealers (Where To Buy) and through our contractor network.  

Please CONTACT US for your nearest distributor or certified installer..

Fantastic Appearance

Remarkable Features

Fiberglass Gutter

Fiberglass Rain Gutter

Minimal Expansion and Contraction


Fiberglass Gutter was invented with the premise that it needs to look like wood.  Our gutter carries a direct resemblance to wood gutter without the maintenance issues.

Resists Rot, moisture damage and is significantly more impact resistant that aluminum gutter, copper gutter, wood gutter and vinyl gutter.

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